Josco L'inquiéteur

Josco The concern of his real name Obounou Essono Joseph, born in Yaoundé (Cameroon), on July 3, 1972, is a singer-songwriter and singer of Bikutsi, World Music and Merengue. He recently stood out with the success of his latest single entitled ``Les Histoires de Sangmelima``.

Majoie présentation

Majoie Ayi

Majoie Ayi aka the mature signature is a Cameroonian song diva who excels in Bikutsi rhythm. Author of several successful titles, she is considered to be the current Bikutsi for the flexibility and consistency of her texts.



Eugène Armand Ntone, known under the artist name ``H3riQ`` was born on November 6, 1991 in Douala. Cameroonian singer-singer-songwriter and producer, he is influenced by musical genres such as Blues, RnB, Funk, Pop, and especially Soul and Makossa.

kris badd

Kris Badd

He is one of the very first superstars of Cameroonian urban music, Kris Badd has an unparalleled talent for the performing arts and in particular for music.

27 facebook cover

Miky Larson

Specialist of a Rap Chill & Drill of which he alone has the secret, Miky Larson is undoubtedly one of the most original artists among the multitude of our team.



Originally a lead vocal roots Jazz singer, TAO is a multicultural artist. Mastering various styles, she is known for constantly raising awareness toward numerous problems that our society is facing.

Man neuh

Mán Neuh

In a society losing its bearings, the duo made up of nationals from the Ekounou district in the city of Yaoundé in Cameroon have undoubtedly been the adequate group to align with the multiple objectives of Motbinama International Records.



Aroa Moreno Cortes is a young Spanish Reggeton/Trap artist. Recently discovered, she is a huge fan of Karol G and Maluma and these are her influences.

photo de Koppo qui fait un sourire


Koppo is a multitalented figure from Cameroon. He is widely known for his work as Rapper, actor and radio personality with a very distinctive ``Camfranglais``, a way of speaking, the language of young people in Cameroon.

photo de petit animal le jour de sa signature à MiR

Petit Animal

Petit Animal is a young 12 years old artist. He was spotted thanks to his viral Freshstyles videos. He is considered as the most formidable artist of “Mbolé”, a new musical genre of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cameroon.

Ellys leon Biography photo

Ellys Leon

Ellys Leon is a Cuban singer with a diploma in choral conducting. At the age of eighteen, she was already performing in Moscow, Monaco, Dubai, Greece, Egypt, Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Romania, Cuba and Spain. In December 2021, Ellys Leon released her new single ``Tu y Yo`` which she is currently promoting.

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